Take advantage of Oak Tree Dental Kirkintilloch Membership Plan (I highly recommend this option for regular attenders as the most affordable solution).

The Membership Plan allows you to access the same high-quality dental care as a private pay as you go patient providing the highest quality treatments and preventative care without any restrictions. A payment is made monthly by direct debit and allows you to spread the cost of your Maintenance care.

Oak Tree Dental Kirkintilloch Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan A includes 2 examination, 2 hygiene appointments, routine x-rays for a monthly fee of £17.98

Maintenance Plan B includes 2 examination, 4 hygiene appointments, routine x-rays for a monthly fee of £26.00

All Plans include a 10% discount on additional treatment. They also include Worldwide Discretionary Dental Emergency Assistance Support. Patients who sign up to the Plan may request assistance for the following:

  • Emergency temporary treatment when away from home or ‘out with’ normal practice hours
  • Treatment following dental injury/trauma
  • Hospital benefit
  • Oral cancer diagnosis

As an additional benefit of joining the Maintenance Plan, if more than one of your family becomes a member you will receive up to 10% discount of your monthly payments (payments are collected by a single direct debit from your bank account).If you have any questions, please feel free to come into the practice to chat with us, telephone us on 0141-775-3999. Our staff will be happy to help you.